Seattle to Anacortes Limousine Transportation

Amos Bowman and Anna Curtis in the late 1870s, had opened a general store as well as a post office. Nineteen years later the landscape exploded with travelers, businesses, and tourists. As a result, Anacortes officially became a city in 1891. Seen as a place were people could live and work at the same time, it quickly rose to become one of the most desirable places to travel to. Anacortes contains 12 miles of shoreline and over 67 miles of historical trails that are gorgeous to go on year-round. Over two million visitors, from San Juan Islands and Vancouver Island, take the ferry to Anacortes every year!

So what does a day in Anacortes consist of? Well it’s hard to say; The city recommends at least five days to get the full experience due to the massive amount of activities. The state famous whale watching  provides an opportunity to tour the San Juan Islands, as well as learning the rich history of the island and its fun biological facts. Does whale watching seem boring? Then take a flight over Anacortes for 30-45 minutes to get a bird’s eye view of the Fidalgo Island.

Anacortes is also home to two museums: The Anacortes Museum and W.T. Preston, which has the last sternwheeler in the Puget Sound region and one of two snagboats remaining in the entire United States! To see the entire list of things to do, click here. Flat rates start at $264 (Town-car sedan) all inclusive. Click here to see the full price-list to Anacortes.

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