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The 4 Best Carry-On Luggage, Travel Bags, and Suitcases for 2020

If you’re a business executive and spend a lot of your time traveling, finding the best carry-on luggage for 2020 is a tough job. Why, you might ask? Because when it comes to travel, there’s been a ton a new products to disrupt the market over the past 10 years. Think of today’s modern travel bags like boutique and artisanal cigar makers that now dominate the market landscape and have squeezed out major players like Macanudo, and Romeo Y Julieta. Remember when Swiss Army (Victorinox) luggage was the latest trend and became popularized because Walmart started carrying knock-off carry-ons that were more than 80% cheaper? A lot of people fell for that luggage and less than a year later, they were returning those same bags to Walmart, hoping for their money back.

Why? Because they’re shit bags.

Four Perfect Travel Bags for Business Executives in 2020

This article isn’t about crappy bags. This post is tailored to business executives and globe trotters that spend a good chunk of their week in airports, train stations, and in the back seat of cars riding to their next destination. Today we’re going to be discussing four, highly functional travel bags which are:

  1. The Away Travel Carry On
  2. The Nomatic 40L Travel Bag
  3. Peak Designs Travel Backpack 45L
  4. TimBuk2’s Copilot Luggage Roller

We’re not ranking these bags from the worst to the best. We’re simply giving you some insight as to which one might be good for you. These bags are designed to be carry-ons, which means that you’re going to be traveling for a maximum of one week. They’ve all got laptop sleeves as well, so what’s the big deal there? If a travel bag doesn’t have a laptop sleeve, who would even buy it? Therefore, no mention of laptop sleeves are even required.

The Away Travel Carry On Bag

Three Suitcases from Away Travel


The Away Travel bag hits all the main points of being a great, carry-on travel bag/suitcase for business executives and for those that need something a little more reliable; however it does fall short in some areas. If you’re looking for an all-purpose bag with backpack straps that you can use when not in the “rolling mode,” then this bag isn’t for you. It’s specifically designed as a piece of luggage. This might not be a bad thing if you’re looking for something that fits this mold. In a world where “all-purpose” has diluted the quality of some products, it’s nice to see a true carry-on luggage that does it’s job well.

One of the best features of the Away Travel Carry-On luggage is the internal mobile device charger. The battery is removable in case you’re traveling internationally and Away recommends taking it out for flights to Asia, for example. Not only does the bag have two, standard USB ports (one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0), but it also has a mini USB port as well. That’s three ports total. No other travel bag reviewed in this list has this feature.

Here are some of the top-level highlights of this carry-on luggage:

  • Capacity: 39.8L
  • 8.1 lbs
  • Material: Polycarbonate shell
  • Additional Feature: Interior compression system (although it’s not that great)
  • Price: $225.00

The Nomatic 40L Travel Bag

One Black Nomatic Travel Bag Suitecase


Next up is the Nomatic 40L Travel Bag. This thing has hit the market with storm, and the product designers know what they’re doing. This is designed to be more of a travel bag, rather than an actual suitcase. But again, you’re looking for a carry-on bag, right? Nomatic got started a few years ago on Kickstarter. In fact, they’ve even got another Kickstarter campaign going right now for their next products: roller luggage. Nomatic is that happy medium between professional travel gear, and hip functionality.

The 40L Travel Bag was redesigned last year and those improves really benefited the bag. One of it’s most-notable features is the dual-purpose carrying modes. You can either carry the luggage as a duffel bag, or you can put it on your back like a backpack. This is extremely useful because if you’ve got multiple bags that you’re carrying, and the other bag is a backpack only, then you can carry the Nomatic as a duffel. You get the point.

There are a few drawbacks of the bag, like the fact that it’s a little awkward to carry as a duffel because of the weight distribution, but its not a huge deal-breaker.

Some key features of the Nomatic Travel Bag 40L are:

  • Capacity: 40L
  • Weight: 3.42 lbs
  • Material: Tarpaulin
  • Additional Features: Included laundry bag, shoe compartment
  • Price: $279.00

Peak Design’s Travel Backpack 45L

One black backpack from Peak Design


Considered by some to be the holy grail of moderate-length travel bags, Peak Design’s 45 liter Travel Backpack boasts some incredible features that’s sure to get you to your destination with ease, and comfort. It’s a far cry from a small suitcase with wheels, but it’s certainly classified as carry-on luggage. In it’s neutral state, it meets the requirements for a piece of carry-on, but extended using the expandable zippers, some airlines might consider it too large. It’s rugged and sleek at the same time.

There’s also an opening along the backside of the travel bag that allows you to slide the bag over roller luggage. Peak Design also design the shoulder straps to tuck away behind the back frame to keep them out of the way when passing through TSA security or stowing away onboard aircraft. Weatherproof zippers keep out moisture and with the purchase of “packing cubes” available through their website, you can really maximize the capabilities of this bag.

Despite the national concensus that this bag is God’s gift towards mankind, it’s not for everyone. If you’re looking for that roller-style, carry-on luggage, this bag is definitely not for you. Also, if you pack this thing tight as a tick, and depending on what you’re carrying, it’s heavy on your back.

Some key features of the Peak Design 40L Travel Bag:

  • Capacity: 45L (expanded) 35L (neutral)
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs
  • Material: Weatherproof 400D Nylon and poly melange
  • Additional Features: Clever, gusseted water bottles holders on each side
  • Price: $299.95

TimBuk2’s Copilot Luggage Roller (Small)

Timbuk2 Copilot Black Carry-On Luggage


Last, but certainly not least, is the Copilot Roller Luggage from TimBuk2. TimBuk2 has been around for decades and are well-known in the cycling/hipster community. Their over-the-shoulder messenger bag revolutionized modern product design and fulfillment options. It took a while, but TimBuk2 finally got into the luggage space. So far, so good. You can expect the same quality and craftsmanship in their carry-on luggage as you can from their messenger bags.

One cool feature that they’ve incorporated on this bag is the skateboard wheels. The skateboard wheels make this bag extremely comfortable to roll and replace, should they ever get pitted from rough surfaces. It also has a clam-shell opening mechanic which means getting to your clothes and other things is a breeze.

There are a few irritations about the bag, however. One beef is that the handle shaft for rolling is exposed on the inside of the bag, which means it disrupts storage layout on the inside of one of the clam shells. It also lacks more technical storage for tech gear.

Some key features of the Copilot Roller Luggage from TimBuk2 are:

  • Capacity: 42L
  • Weight: 7.6 lbs
  • Material: Nylon
  • Additional Features: Divider mesh between clam shells
  • Price: $209.00

Hopefully these travel bags, suitcases and carry-on luggage specs help you and other savvy business travelers get to where you’re going with ease. If you’ve got questions about any of these products, please comment below and we’ll get back to you about them.

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