Pike Place Market Transportation

Tourism Statistics.

The name Seattle comes from “Sealth”, who was a Native American Chief of the Suquamish tribe in 1851. The city is over 83.9 sq. miles and has over 147.52 miles of freshwater shoreline and 53.38 miles of saltwater. The population within the city itself is 612,000 (WA state is 6,733,3000). …

Pike Place Market

The public market located in Seattle is one of the oldest in the entire country! Home of the flying fish, famous piggybank, and great entertainers, everyone enjoys fresh produce, flowers, and exotic groceries. At the market, you will find some of the freshly grown organic groceries and the sweetest tasting …

Washington Museums.

The state of Washington has unique museums including transportation, music, art, and many other historical museums. Cities South of Seattle contain many sites that provide an opportunity to revisit the history of transportation. Go bold and revisit the Space Shuttle Trainer at the Museum of Flight. Learn about the different …


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