Seattle Green Limo

It’s no doubt that pollution has been a major problem around the world, and Global Warming is one of the hottest topics. Major cities, such as Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, El Centro, Cincinnati and many others are highly polluted and continue to get progressively worse environmentally every day. Particulate matter, which are small particles emitted through exhausts, coal, et cetera, may get into people’s lungs and cause health compilations. Not only is pollution bad for the environment, but it is also horrible for our health as humans.

Being a transportation company, doesn’t help the cause. We are aware that every time a vehicle is started it is emitting fumes that may be damaging. But transportation is inevitable, and almost everyone needs to get somewhere everyday. Pacific Northwest Limo Service is not an extremely large company, but being limited on our resources, we do our best to keep our vehicles eco-friendly and help out in any way we can. Whether it is our flex-fuel GMC Yukon XL, or the Eco-Friendly Mercedes r-350 BlueTec Diesel, we stay up to date with the best possible vehicles that provide luxury transportation without causing much harm to the environment.

Keeping your vehicles properly maintained is another priority. If there is no regular maintenance on the car, there is a high chance it will have to work harder to drive the same distance. As a result, the motor works harder, and there is a higher volume of gas coming out of the exhaust. Our company checks our vehicles regularly to make sure each vehicle provides the best result not only for the client, but also for the environment.

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