Seattle Restaurants.

Whether you’re enjoying a nice dinner during a sunset of summer, or sipping a cup of warm coffee on a cloudy day, Seattle Restaurants always provide local and fresh meals. Every place is extraordinary. Osteria La Spiga, a restaurant on Capitol Hill, is situated in a modernized garage that serves EmiliaRomagna dishes from Italy.

Are you feeling more of coq au vin? Or croque madame? Cafe Campagne serves fresh authentic French that is prepared and served with an award-winning wine selection.

But what about dessert? Fran’s Chocolates is a family owned cafe style place. It offers a wide selection of chocolates such as truffles, salted-caramels, and the best part about the chocolate is it’s hand made! Keeping the tradition and continuing with providing local delicious chocolate, is what Fran’s Chocolates does best!

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