Woodinville wine tours

Washington is one of the best places to be for great wines. Some of the best wines are produced by the small wineries in Washington. Washington is the second largest producer of high quality wines in the United States. They say the wine industry can be traced back to both German and Italian immigrants in the 1860’s and 1870’s planting their wine grapes. Over the years many wines were discovered, Rieslings, Chardonnays, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, the list goes on.
We at Pacific Northwest Limo invite you to book a Woodinville Wine Tour with us and discover all the beautiful vineyards, views and tastes of all the wine Washington has to offer. Be it a romantic evening for two in a sedan, or a Transit Van full of couples, or friends we invite you to do a Seattle Wine Tour.
Going on Woodinville Wine Tours, such as Taste of Woodinville are a great way to discover new wines you may not have tried before, from micro-wineries to modern sized wineries to the beautiful Chateaus which produce over a million cases a year. There are many to choose from in Woodinville

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