Taking a tour at one of the Yakima Wineries is a truly once in a lifetime experience. With over 80 wineries to choose from, please give yourself plenty of time to explore the valleys and experience world class wine tasting.

Yakima wine valleys are divided into upper & lower valleys. Rattlesnake Hills is located in the upper division, while the Red Mountain-sub appellation is located in the lower division. It is important to note which winery/wineries you or your group prefers to tour as the location varies depending on the valley.

In Yakima valleys, not all wineries will be open for tours and therefore it is also important to note whether the winery will be open or not. Our dispatchers will match a perfect winery for your group, while making sure that it is open for tourism and whether it is in the upper or lower valley.

Let our chauffeurs take you on a journey of wine hopping between several wineries and let you experience the process of grape picking and fermentation. Even though the production of wine may seem like a simple procedure, each winery produces wine in a slightly different way; The difference in the vines and location is the result of the variety of tastes in the wine world.

If you are interested in learning more about wines that come from Yakima, a tour of any winery in the city of Yakima will greatly expand your knowledge and experience in a particular wine. Please contact us here, or call us at (206)240-1751 to learn more or book a reservation.