City Tours

city tours of SeattleYou’re probably aware that there’s the oldest open air market on the west coast, where you might get hit by a monk fish being tossed at high speed, right here in Seattle.  But did you know the natural and artistic wonders in Seattle include:

  • A troll that lives under a bridge, with a hubcap for an eye, waiting to gobble up your car if you leave it parked too long?
  • The tallest waterfalls in North America?
  • Man-made locks where you’ll see salmon fighting their way past seals, the boats from The Deadliest Catch, alongside the type of putt putt that Tom Hanks navigated in Sleepless in Seattle?
  • The largest building in the world?
  • The most expensive stadium ever built (until them Damn Yankees one-upped us)?
  • A museum dedicated just to Science Fiction?
  • A museum just for airplanes where you can see how JFK spent his time on Air Force One?
  • The first location, still up and running, of a little coffee chain named Starbucks
  • Some of the most beautiful scenery found on this amazing planet?

Whether you’re in town for a cruise ship, visiting friends, the 100+ wineries, or just to explore, let our locals show you the hidden secrets of this spectacular and eclectic place we call home.


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