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Golfing Transportation

Summer is upon us which means much more beautiful weather and a chance to enjoy the outdoors. One of the best things to do outdoors is golfing. Golfing is one of those sports that can be relaxing as well as enjoyable. Getting together with your friends on a beautiful day, hitting a few balls, or playing a round of golf can be a fun experience. When traveling to a new city, however, it can make it a little more challenging to find a golf course that isn’t only public, but that is also a nice one in a decent area. It can mean the difference between a good or bad experience. In the Seattle area, there are multiple highly recommended golf courses such as Maplewood Golf Course or Lake Wilderness Golf Course, both located in Maple Valley; there are also places such as West Seattle Golf Course, and Interbay Golf Course both located in Seattle and many more. One of the things you will need to consider when wanting to spend the day golfing is your transportation.

Pacific Northwest Limousine is a luxurious Seattle Town Car service that can get you to and from any of these golf courses. Our fleet consists of not only Sedan’s, but SUV’s, and even a 14-passenger transit van for those larger groups. So, whether you are looking to go with one other person or a large group, we’ve got you covered. Maybe you aren’t from out of town at all, and maybe you are just looking to do something fun for your company and take your employees out for the day, this is the perfect option for you. Our transit van can pick everyone up at the office, take them to the golf course of your choosing, and bring everyone back to the office safely. This way everybody can ride together, so you know everyone will be there on time and head home when he or she gets back to the office. On a time crunch? Don’t worry… our chauffeurs are always on location 15 minutes early and always check traffic to make sure you can get everyone there and back on time. Contact us today at (206) 240-1751 to book your reservation!


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