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Pan Pacific Hotel

Do you want a stylish yet elegant getaway? The Pan Pacific Hotel is the epicenter of Seattle. Located in the downtown area, almost all tourist attractions are simply minutes away! Whether it is the Space Needle or the Pike Place Market, the hotel is extremely close to all major tourist spots! Rated as a 5 star hotel, it offers limitless amenities including complimentary luxury sedan service, fitness center with dry saunas, 24-hour in room dining provided by Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar, and many other services. Pan Pacific is also partnered with EverGreen Escapes Cascadia to provide phenomenal tours of the country. They offer half-day tours around Seattle and Woodinville, as well as full-day tours at the San Juan Islands, Mountain Rainier and the Olympic Park. The hotel is also eco-friendly, which means conserving energy and electricity to help protect our environment and reduce pollution. They also provide support for the hunger that happens in the country. “PanEarth~because we genuinely care”  Making Mistakes. Do you make mistakes? Of course you do! Everyone does; and if someone says otherwise, then they are either lying or too arrogant to agree. People are not perfect, and mistakes are made no matter what. But if people make mistakes does that make them fail? If your employees make a mistake does that make them bad employees? Of course not! If your employees make mistakes, YOU are likely to make mistakes as well! So, what is the best way to deal with mistakes that people make?  First, it is important to see what the mistake is. Whether the chauffeur is constantly late, forgets a part of their uniform, or even creates some sort of uncomfortable atmosphere with clients, finding the constant problem and fixing it will make not only the company stronger, but also a stronger team that you can rely on. New chauffeurs may struggle with the company guides and regulations, which is why it is vital to explain as much as possible about their job, customer service, etc. Once the problem has been fixed, there should be one less of a problem within a company. However chauffeurs will make mistakes occasionally… and how you react will reflect within your company. If the mistake is worthy of one less chauffeur, then firing that employee is the only option. But most of the time, it’s a good idea to give everyone a second chance because no one is perfect!

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