Portland, Vancouver, Spokane, George, & Anacortes Ferry

vancouver portland anacortes spokane transfersIf you’re planning a trip to Portland, Oregon, you will find that it will be much less expensive to drive then to fly, especially for a party of 2 or more. At Pacific Northwest Limo Service, we offer a flat rate to Portland. The Sedan rate is $330 plus 20% gratuity plus 10% fuel charge; for a total of $429. And for that price, you can have up to 4 people in the Town Car. We also offer flat rates for our SUV and Executive Van. So when you book your Portland trip with us, not only will you have the door-to-door service, you will also be ensured of a safe relaxing, comfortable and luxurious ride by our experienced, professional chauffeurs

The same rates apply for Vancouver, BC (British Columbia) if you’re heading out on a Canadian-based cruise ship or just want to do some exploring that involves superior chocolate bars.

If it’s a concert at the Gorge at George or a trip all the way out to Spokane, we can make those happen too.  Rates will depend on the vehicle and length of stay, of course.

Let us know where you’d like to go by giving us a call at 206-240-1751 or visiting our contact page.

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