Seattle Cadillac VIP Transportation

We are the proud first owners of the Cadillac XTS-L in the entire Washington state! The XTS-L is the extended version of the XTS offering an additional 7 inches of leg room in the rear seats. The luxurious extended edition of the XTS looks unlike any other vehicle on the road. The exterior of this vehicle is just stunning and looks absolutely superb. This is definitely a step up from the typical luxury sedans on the road. Even though the luxury sedans have been discontinued, the Cadillac XTS-L is nonetheless a great (if not better) replacement!

After riding in this car with one of our experienced chauffeurs, you will understand what we mean by luxury. It’s not simply the car that you ride in, but it’s about the experience that you have while riding in the car. This is why the Pacific Northwest Limo Service has clients from all over the world. Many enjoy the ride, but also our chauffeurs as well. All of our chauffeurs receive proper professional training that prepares them for every single ride.

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