Transportation from Seattle to Spokane.

The second largest city in Washington, Spokane is also known as the Gateway to the Rocky Mountains. Located on the eastern part of Washington, the city’s summer is hotter than average temperature, and winters are colder than average as well. There are numerous activities available within the city. The Riverfront Park is a great family park that offers an amusement park, IMAX movie theater, and overall a great atmosphere for friends and family members to enjoy their day. Enjoy eating? Savor Spokane offers a delicious 2-3 hour walking tour where you devour all kind of different food, wine, while at the same time learning about the history and culture. There are also plenty of outdoor activities including trails, city drives, sculpture walks, etc. Visit to learn more!

Pacific Northwest Limo Service offers a comfortable ride to and from Spokane in a wide variety of vehicles. Whether you’re traveling alone, or with a group of friends/family, we can accommodate all sorts of groups! Visit the Spokane Pricing page to see our prices.

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