Corporate Transportation

At the Pacific Northwest Limo Service, we truly care about the people we have the opportunity to provide our service to. Our corporate clients consist of a major part of our clientele, and we take great honor in providing clean, professional, and reliable service.

Our chauffeurs make sure to utilize the flight aware system and always be as prepared as possible before their trip. Sometimes roads tend to close down due to maintenance or other related issue, and we do our best to avoid any time delays that the closures may cause including re-routing trips and contacting our clients to let them know of any delays we may face.

Every single one of our chauffeurs is trained to think critically in tough situations.  With Pacific Northwest Limo Service LLC  you do not have to worry about heavy traffic and deal with parking. The chauffeurs are supported by the staff members and help them find the next shortest route possible.

What makes us unique from majority of our competitors is our attention to detail, following through with reservations, our talented chauffeurs and the quality of service that we are more than happy to provide. Whether it is greeting people, or having an issue with a price, we take great care in making sure our clients are always happy and satisfied with our service.


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