Pike Place Market

The public market located in Seattle is one of the oldest in the entire country! Home of the flying fish, famous piggybank, and great entertainers, everyone enjoys fresh produce, flowers, and exotic groceries. At the market, you will find some of the freshly grown organic groceries and the sweetest tasting fruit! Nothing can compare to taking a bite of freshly grow apples, strawberries, peaches, and savoring every moment of it.

The market also carries gorgeous flowers that smell wonderful and make anyone’s day that more special. Over 225 local and regional artisans host their own craft markets that contain lots of different nifty items for tourists. Everything from toys, body products, jewelry, kitchenware, paintings, and a wide variety of locally made items.

Going deeper into the market, there are numerous shops that are simply fun to roam around. Are you a collector? There might be something for you here… the market contains lots of different historical artifacts and collectible items that are extremely rare and hard to find. It’s no wonder this market is repeatedly in the national media and television shows, attracting up to 10,000 visitors daily and often seen as world-famous.

We offer service to and from the market. Often times there’s a lot of headache finding parking locations, or even getting to the market because of so many tourists. With our service we will get you there at your leisure, and pick you up as scheduled. Call us at (206)240-1751 today for a quote!


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