Seattle Private City Tour – Smith Tower.

This tower is the oldest one in the city and has been the tallest until the Space Needle took over in 1962. The Smith Tower is a skyscraper that is an example of Neoclassical Architecture which is located in Pioneer square. It has only been washed once on the exterior in 1976 because the building remains clean by itself! A unique aspect of this tower is that it is one of the only buildings on the west coast that contains elevator operators. Doors are latticed which means the rider can see everything clearly through the transparent glass windows.

There is also a special Chinese Room on the 35th floor that has furniture and a hand-carved ceiling that were gifts from the Empress of China with an observation deck. The building is crowned with a glass dome which is illuminated with blue light except during December, during when it becomes green instead. Take the sightseeing tour of this ancient building or reserve the Chinese Room for your special occasion.

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